Week 8 – The Process

Already 8 weeks in. Wow!

Some exciting stuff this week. Previously I mentioned the Mental Diet and what it represents. I’ve been able to string a couple of days together where only positive thoughts enter my mind. I believe it’s been an up and down experience but here’s the thing. Every time I have to start over, I celebrate! It’s been a steady progression as I’m biting on my tongue every time I’m on the verge of saying something negative. Honestly, I feel good about myself each day.

Here’s what’s part of the routine now: before getting up I raise both my fists in the air triumphantly. This helps me start my day off with positive energy. (It also prevents me from getting a little dizzy after standing up fast.) Right after that, I have sunshine and fresh air enter the room. I take a good look at the Movie Poster, PPNs, all the tools that send a message to my subconscious to remind it where it’s headed: my Definite Major Purpose. This starts my day off.

A couple of days ago, I came across a person who is always happy. I was wondering why he was so happy like that. He said that he lives his life loving everyone. Although it’s tough to understand at first, once you understand how it works by experiencing it and showing this love to other people, you’ll pick it up easier. And here’s the beautiful thing about it: you can love your life and love everyone matter what your situation is! You don’t become successful first and then love your life, it’s the other way around!

This week was about practise for me. Doing all the afromentioned exercises in the MKMMA course with gusto and feeling and specifically the Go90Grow course, learning how to talk to new business partners.

The sits are fun. I’ve been able to do the opposite of earlier weeks, which is imagining a visible object and then taking it to a time where it was invisible. Really different experience, since I was able to make my vision more flexible.

December 8 is going to be an exciting date. By that time I’m to string 7 consecutive days of constructive thinking. Winding down now. I’m enjoying the process.

Next week I’ll talk more about the 7 Laws of the Mind, and how they have affected me.

Take good care. See you next week.



Week 7 – Got to Give the People…

… the service that they need!

Even though I promised to do 1 service per week, I wound up doing several this week. Lifted my mom’s washing machine on a higher plateau, brought a new bed into her house, helped reorganize her living room, helped my dad mount new cables for Wi-Fi connection, helped my sister with her homework, wrote a letter on behalf of her to her phone company to cancel her subscription and tidied up my entire room… Talk about upping the ante.

Crazy week once again. Next to all the stuff you read about me doing last week, I’m making my own recording this week and going on a 7-day “Mental Diet“. Here’s the challenge:
Think positive thoughts only. Let go of all bad emotions, feelings and views on life and on people. Do this for 7 days straight!
If you still have some resentment toward someone, start over.
If you’ve just said a negative thing, try to correct yourself and say something positive within 7 seconds – otherwise start over.
If you’ve just given out your biased opinion about something – start over.

There’s a method behind the madness. Having all this material surrounding my every day environment combined with the Diet, I’m pounding my old subconscious blueprint with positive affirmations and thoughts, all through different angles. Next to that, I’m being an observer, not an opinionator and thinking strictly positive thoughts.

I can tell you right now: I’m struggling BIG TIME with the Diet. It’s like I’m 300 Ibs and can’t shed 1 ounce! Had numerous re-starts, so this is the biggest challenge I’m going through so far. I guess this is a good thing since it’s all about progression. I wonder what’s it gonna be like next week.

Mo Praise is cool with me. Thank goodness.

No pictures this week. I got something better. Here’s what’s been on replay in my mind.

Blame Jalen Rose.

Enjoy your week.



Week 6 – Facing Myself

It’s about that time y’all!

Again, I’m going off the top of the dome.

Man, this was a tough week. At the moment I’m doing two courses at the same time. Even though I consider myself an autodidact, throughout my whole life it’s been prevalent to me that I need improvement in learning faster. If I read something and want to understand it, chances are I have to read it at least twice more to get it down pat. If I watch something, it’s gonna take me at least two more reviews to understand it completely.

These past few weeks, I find myself reading, writing, exercising, linking, feeling, concentrating and all that sorta good stuff with the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. It’s made me a non-opinionated, highly positive, courageous young man who get’s stuff done, loves to give and acts with self-confidence. Next to that I’m studying the material of Go90Grow, where there’s literally over 60+ videos to watch, lots of documents to read and webcasts to attend about network marketing. Had to buy a bunch of new binders, notebooks and printer cartridges. It’s all good though! I have my eyes on the prize: my Definite Major Purpose (check out da Press Release: lots of fresh air to breath)!

Now, I gotta be honest with you. I’m a little bit exhausted. But that’s about it. I expected this to be very demanding. I need some more energy, so I’ll be sleeping an extra hour every day. See how it goes. Since my desire is very high, I should be a-okay in this “game of wills”.

Here’s what’s up. Last week I went to ‘t Vinkhuys. I volunteered. I’m gonna be helping out with organizing the quilt exhibit. This is what it looks like.

foto 2 foto 5 foto 4 foto 1

I’ll be in contact with them to help out this weekend. Should be a lot of fun! Next week is gonna be a different service. I’ll be revealing it by then.

So how’s it going?
Great! I’ve taken care of a lot of chores, removed all the unnecessary papers, documents, clothes etc. that I don’t need, paid all my bills, won lots of time and room to work and it seems as if I’m “receiving” now. Here’s something really funny. The other day my mother noticed I had crayolas on my desk to color shapes for my PPN’s. Turns out yesterday she gave me a set of colored pencils with a sharpener. Earlier on I wrote on an index card: “I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me”, so I made sure I extended my gratitude.

Last week, as promised, I introduced you to my “movie”: the Press Release. Now I’ve got a poster for this movie hanging in my room. The purpose of having the DMP (written in present tense), the Press Release (written in past tense) and the Movie Poster set up is to bombard my subconscious mind with positive messages and life’s greatest wants and desires firing from all cylinders and coming from all angles. This way I ensure myself victory, because anything less simply won’t satisfy me anymore. I’ve already seen the treasure cave and I’m coming for it baby!

That’s right. I’m shooting for autonomy and liberty. My greatest gift is to show people how to create a new reality for THEMselves and this will create the reality that I desire (Emerson).

Og Mandino has me greeting my every new day with love! (The Greatest Salesman in the World – Scroll 2) That’s what it’s all about folks: love, intimacy and togetherness.


These are our treasures and they’re free.

I always keep my promises. In case I’m on the verge not to, I take a look at my greatest accountability partner: The Guy in the Glass a.k.a. “Mo Praise”. (‘member last week?)

I always listen to Mo Praise. He doesn’t talk much, but his eyes say it all. He tells Mohammed Al Rubaiy if he’s cheating him or not. He challenges Mohammed Al Rubaiy to look him straight in the eye. “So far, you’re doing a great job”, Mo Praise tells me. “But, stay sharp. You don’t want to let up or slip. Make sure you stay one step ahead of life every – single – day!”

So, this is the guy I’ll be facing every single night before going to bed. I’ll be making sure that everything’s straightened out, taken care of, but most of all, that I’m telling the truth to the man in the mirror.
(By the way, he’s really handsome!)

So that’s my week’s experience. Catch you on the next one!


Week 5 – “Praiseworthy”


…That’s what my name means, but really all of us are just that. We just don’t remind ourselves often enough. I hope this blog renders everyone this service. We can create any reality we wish for ourselves and our loved ones.

First off, I want to pay much respect where respect is due to some of my fellow bloggers during this Master Key Mastermind Alliance experience. Much love to Mike Mills (best of luck with your daughter’s health) Missy McPherson (a real trooper who’s resilience is highly noticeable), the very enthusiastic Steven Shelley, Ms. Linda Newton (an inspiration to me because of her very AWESOME content) and last but not least Nancy Mills (who, despite health concerns of her dear sister-in-law and neighbor, just BREATHES passion).
Thank you all for being on this journey with me. Have a wonderful second month!

That’s right! One month down, five more to go! As we wrap up the first month, I prepare for the next one carrying momentum.

Week 5 has been crazy! Here’s an update on my daily regimen from today onward:
– Reading Scroll 2 of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World (three times a day – this will continue until December 1st);

– Reading my refined “DMP” (Definite Major Purpose), where I describe my life’s greatest wants, desires and PPNs (personal pivotal needs: Autonomy & Liberty) in 400 words (three times a day – this will continue until the end of this week);

– Reading my three Index Cards: the “DMP Written Plan of Action” card, the “Service” card and the “Giving” card (I read each three times a day);

– Reading Part 5 of Charles F. Haanel’s The Master Key System (once a day – continued until Week 5 is over);

– Reading Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “Compensation” of Essays: First Series (1841) (required reading: once a week – I read it once a day – this will continue for three weeks);

– The “Self-Confidence Formula” (a.k.a. “The Blueprint Builder” in the course) from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich (once a day); and

– Sitting still for a minimum of 15 minutes, relaxing my body and mind, inhibiting thoughts and picturing a place where my DMP is manifested (once a day – from next week on I’ll do it twice a day for a minimum of 20 minutes).


It took a little bit of getting used to, but now I’m conquering with ease. It’s going fantastic!

Funny moment: last week I got interrupted by my little sister. The day before yesterday, I was again disturbed by accident. This time by my mother… Twice… At 8 a.m.
I’m having fun knowing that even though not everything goes as smooth as I’d like, I still get the job done. Why?
Because I always keep my promises!

Speaking of promises. I’ll be at ‘t Vinkhuys in a couple of hours, to offer some help with their organizing of activities. I guess the cat’s out of the bag on this week’s service. Here’s last week’s service (picture not yet added):
Dusting my sister’s room. Ended up doing that and then cleaning the whole thing up.

I still got a long ways to go with the color linkings, but I’m getting better every day.

Next week I’ll be inviting some potential business partners over to get my business going.

Currently I’m writing a Press Release about my life. Look out for that coming this Sunday.

Be safe! See you next week!

Mohammed Al Rubaiy