Week 4 – Intense Memories

Learned something magnificent last week!

I want to ask you to do this little 1 minute exercise for me. Trust me, it’ll blow your socks off!

Find a quiet place. I want you to really focus now.

Okay, ready?

• First, think back to a time when you experienced something awful. Could be a family tragedy 8 years ago, a financial disaster 5 years ago, or anything else that you consider a horrible event in your past.

• Close your eyes and think about it for a half minute or so. Search your feelings and try to remember how this event felt for you? Does it make you feel as mad, as sad. as scared, as when it first happened?

Probably not, because back then you felt it for the first time.

• Now we’ll do the opposite and have you think back to a time when you experience something delightful. Could be your graduation day, your first kiss, your daughter’s wedding, winning a championship, etc.

• Close your eyes and think about it. Really dig deep and feel it out. Do you feel as empowered? As proud? As excited?

More likely.

This is excellent! See, I realized this truth when I thought about the death of my uncle in 2006. Surely, the painful feeling of loss and grief was intense at the time. But for some reason, the intensity of that feeling is much lower when I think about it now.

However, when I think back to my first graduation day, it’s a whole different outcome. Obviously I felt terrific, but when I think about it now, the intensity level is still very high!

Once we taste something good, we want more! My good friend Claes Wallenberg mentioned mini-DMPs and how they can help you achieve your whole DMP over time. The subconscious can be trained that way. Focus on achieving something relatively easy to achieve and have your subby taste that sweet feeling of pride and joy. Then, up the ante slightly and go for it!

In Week 1, I mentioned that thoughts charged with feeling creates a belief. This belief dictates your actions and actions lead to results (mini-DMP to DMP).

Now that you know you feel a stronger intensity with positive recreated feelings than the negative ones, you’ll have an easier time putting in the work to forge your New Blueprint!

Have fun! 😉

Daily exercises:

– Part 4 of the Master Key System
– Scroll 1 of The Greatest Salesman in the World
– Your purpose statement (see Week 3)


Week 3 – Pyramids!

No, not the ancient Egyptian triangular structures, or the shape of a certain businessmodel.

Last week we talked about changing our ‘blueprint’, meaning our thinking/habitual attitude/belief system around achieving something. I also mentioned that most people, about 95% actually, lead lives of quiet desperation. It should give you a clue.

About a year ago, I was taught that our achievement level is ‘pre-set’, before we even think about achieving something.


Read that again.

Our achiement level is pre-set, before we even think about achieving something!

What’s that clue I was talking about?

The Old Blueprint.

But we’re not going down that road. We’re got different plans! We’re forging a New Blueprint with the help of repeated, positive affirmations (auto-suggestion) to our subconscious minds.

All of the participants, including me, have formed a Definiteness (I love this word) of Purpose, as explained in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

Following the instructions as explained in the chapter of this book exercise, you’ll be able to make your own purpose statement. Use this to perfection to get your subconscious to work with you, instead of against you.

One of the greatest basketball coaches and human being ever, John Wooden, said: “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” For decades he worked on creating his own success pyramid:

John R. Wooden's Pyramid of Success

As you can see, the foundation of this pyramid is industriousness (I love this word too) and enthusiasm. You put in the work (industriousness) to create your own purpose statement, and through autosuggestion read it oud loud with electrifying enthusiasm, then you’re forming a New Blueprint. And you’re well on your way to manifesting your wildest dreams!

Here’s another pyramid. Most people have heard about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Here at the MKMMA, we choose to focus on what’s called: Personal Pivotal Needs. There are seven PPNs:
– Legacy (e.g. willing a big family compound to kids/grandkids)
– Liberty (e.g. having enough money to go on a world trip)
– Autonomy (e.g. living on your own terms, debt free, answering only to your self)
– Spiritual Growth
– Helping Others
– True Health (physically and mentally)
– Recognition for Creative Expression (e.g. having fans praising your music, having spectators cheering for your football game, receiving props from your parents for “making it” in your field of work, being respected for your community work.)

These are the oxygen for your soul. They are the ultimate goals of anyone’s life. The purpose of our being. Key thing here is to choose two of the seven. The other five needs will be filled on your way to achieving the two that you chose. Mine are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression. What are yours?

Daily exercises:

Part 3 of the Master Key System
Scroll 1 of The Greatest Salesman in the World
Your very own purpose statement

Week 2 – Boxes & Blueprints

World within & world without

Inside our mysterious source which never sleeps, there lies a latent power which can correlate with any object that we desire and bring it into manifestation. This source is the subconscious mind. Part of the life principle which brings every single atom in the universe to existence – the Universal Mind – it is the most powerful mechanism on earth. It’s power is available to us in the world within. This realm of divine ideas within each individual contains infinite resources, possibilities, ideas, methods, anything one requires to use to change the events, circumstances and people – world without – around him.

4 boxes

So how do we tap this source and leverage this power? In the Master Key System, we learn that the conscious mind can impress and direct the subconscious. Think of the subconscious as a baby – a very powerful baby – that needs to know what the conscious mind – the parent – suggests. The parent can influence what the baby hears. If the conscious mind allows the subconscious to hear thoughts that make you seem “less than”, then you’re inevitably going to act as though you’re “less than” or inferior. If, on the other hand, the conscious mind suggests thoughts of the “I can do it” variety, forces are set in motion to make you do it.

Below is illustrated how this works.

4 Boxes

A thought, charged with feeling (enthusiasm), creates a belief. This is the world within part. That belief determines our actions, and everybody knows that our actions lead to results – our world without.

But here’s the backbreaker. Most people like to skip the thinking part and focus on actions. Not a good idea! If the belief is low to begin with, then there will be low action, leading to low results. Great example of giving your subconscious mind the needed suggestions is by reading the ancient scrolls of the Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino. Start with Scroll 1. Applies to all occupations and endeavors. 😉

Old Blueprint vs New Blueprint

Basically summarized as: “fearful victim” mentality vs. “fearless victor” mentality. Everybody knows we’ve all been inundated by schools, parents, goverments, media, co-workers, etc. to think a certain way. A lot of it is well meaning, some of it is premeditated, but all in all we can agree that the overall majority is living lives of quiet desperation, like Thoreau once said.

This kind of thinking is what’s known as the “Old Blueprint”. Luckily, we’ve learned a way to forge a “New Blueprint”. One with a winning mentality. One that has the truth printed all over it, which is that we are born with a remarkable power within us that we can act upon on demand.

Daily exercises:

Keep the mind busy with the right type of suggestions.
Continue reading The Master Key System. Add Scroll 1 of The Greatest Salesman in the World to your daily readings.

Week 1: F5 button


My theme for this year. The 2014 MKMMA (Master Key Mastermind Alliance) has officially commenced, and we’re off to the races! I was priviliged to be part of last year’s MKMMA. Many of us transformed into the people we willed to be. For me, this is an opportunity to go further beyond. To polish daily habits. To refresh. Come with me as I walk you through discovery lane.


Let me make clear that this is written for everybody. About 500 people were scholarshipped for the MKMMA course, so we know exactly what’s going on each week. This blog is meant for anyone reading it and it shares my experiences, thoughts, feelings and observations. My wish for you is that it provides the weekly inspiration for you to find your “master key”.

The Master Key System. A re-introduction.

Greatest book exercise alongside Think and Grow Rich (that’s for another time) to authentic self-discovery.

First off, understand who you are. You are Golden inside. Connected to all truth, ideas, methods and resources that you need to create anything that you desire, regardless of vocation. We were all born with greatness, but programmed for mediocrity. The next 26 week, we’re going to look at some exercises to calibrate our day-to-day thinking to greatness. With the help of the Master Key System (MKS), it’ll be effortless.

Charles F. Haanel shares: “The world without is a reflection of the world within” … “Within lies the power to generate courage, hope, enthusiasm, confidence, trust and faith.”

If it’s one set of attributes that can catapult you to your major purpose in life, it’s these things. Here’s the best part. They ALL are already within you. All that rests is to draw them out by feeding your subconscious mind. Day by day, they become present and eventually they will stick. And your power doesn’t come in spurts anymore. It becomes automatic.

Daily exercise:

First exercise is to read part 1 of the 24 parts in the MKS.