Week 4 – Intense Memories

Learned something magnificent last week!

I want to ask you to do this little 1 minute exercise for me. Trust me, it’ll blow your socks off!

Find a quiet place. I want you to really focus now.

Okay, ready?

• First, think back to a time when you experienced something awful. Could be a family tragedy 8 years ago, a financial disaster 5 years ago, or anything else that you consider a horrible event in your past.

• Close your eyes and think about it for a half minute or so. Search your feelings and try to remember how this event felt for you? Does it make you feel as mad, as sad. as scared, as when it first happened?

Probably not, because back then you felt it for the first time.

• Now we’ll do the opposite and have you think back to a time when you experience something delightful. Could be your graduation day, your first kiss, your daughter’s wedding, winning a championship, etc.

• Close your eyes and think about it. Really dig deep and feel it out. Do you feel as empowered? As proud? As excited?

More likely.

This is excellent! See, I realized this truth when I thought about the death of my uncle in 2006. Surely, the painful feeling of loss and grief was intense at the time. But for some reason, the intensity of that feeling is much lower when I think about it now.

However, when I think back to my first graduation day, it’s a whole different outcome. Obviously I felt terrific, but when I think about it now, the intensity level is still very high!

Once we taste something good, we want more! My good friend Claes Wallenberg mentioned mini-DMPs and how they can help you achieve your whole DMP over time. The subconscious can be trained that way. Focus on achieving something relatively easy to achieve and have your subby taste that sweet feeling of pride and joy. Then, up the ante slightly and go for it!

In Week 1, I mentioned that thoughts charged with feeling creates a belief. This belief dictates your actions and actions lead to results (mini-DMP to DMP).

Now that you know you feel a stronger intensity with positive recreated feelings than the negative ones, you’ll have an easier time putting in the work to forge your New Blueprint!

Have fun! 😉

Daily exercises:

– Part 4 of the Master Key System
– Scroll 1 of The Greatest Salesman in the World
– Your purpose statement (see Week 3)


13 thoughts on “Week 4 – Intense Memories

  1. Mohammed you have an excellent point. You are very good observer in life and noticed how to teach your mind in the small steps. I will do it the same and see how it works for me. Thank you my friend for sharing your good thoughts. I will be watching your next post. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Hey buddy! Enjoyed reading your blog!
    Funny how it works isn’t it? 🙂
    Want to have more good news? From your blog:
    ” I thought about the death of my uncle in 2006. Surely, the painful feeling of loss and grief was intense at the time.” – now…Your uncle is also spiritual being, as you already know, that means he is energy, energy never dies, it can only transform/change form. So how about that? Your uncle never died! He “lost” his physical appearence and transformed:-) Death means nothing more than a change of form. Hope that will bring you even more of those feelings you can enjoy! You can stil talk to your uncle! When you do the sit! Extend your sit to 20-30 min and give yourself an intention of talking to him or whatever, ask him a question. You’ll see, he will answer.
    Love to you man!!

  3. Nice one — and getting the subby in the I want more stage in terms of success is exactly what we do with reading out and celebrating the services we already accomplished. Well said!

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