Week 6 – My Future Self Is a Stranger?!

You might have noticed my Week 6 blog is late. I’m being honest. I’ve procrastinated. This should have been posted last week. Felt horrible for a few days, but I’m digging in, and it feels great to be back on track.

Learned some bombshell information last week!!!

Let’s talk about why we proscrastinate.

So why do we procrastinate? Well, because we are emotional beings, we want to avoid feeling negative emotions evoked by an undesirable task or something else that’ll delay us from doing what we want to do. In simple terms: we feel bad about unpleasant tasks.

A few blogs before I talked about delay gratification, and how utterly difficult it is to do that in a fast paced, instant gratification society. One thing I know about myself is that I’m a good writer, but that doesn’t mean that I like doing it. So I delay it.

It gets worse. What we’re really doing is, we give this problem to our future self. That person that we’re all trying to become. In this remarkable study Solving the Procrastination Puzzle by Timothy A. Pychyl, it’s found that fMRI’s were tested on a few people. At the time, they were asked to think about the following 3 things:
– their present self;
– a stranger; and
– their future self.

Here’s the bombshell!

The subjects saw their respective future self exactly the same as a stranger!


Our future self, the person who we all affirm ourselves into becoming. The incredible ideal person we want to be. A complete stranger?!!

Thus we procrastinate investing in things that’ll advance our values and help us in the future, because our future self is a total stranger! We basically ask ourselves: “What’s in it for us to help this stranger?”

Picture this: somebody you completely don’t know contacts you and asks you if you can assist him/her in fixing his/her car. Would you do it…? For a stranger…? Most likely, you wouldn’t.

How about your best friend? Somebody you know and love. Would you help fix his/her car? Most probably you would.

Here’s the killer.

Now, what if the person who holds the master key to all your life’s dreams, wishes and desires is in need of help. Would you help him/her? You bet you would!

That person, is your future self.

Of course you’re going to help him/her. Why delay, when it’s worth it in gold? You’d be doing it instantly!

I’ve known for a long time that this is what helped me get over the gratification thing and actually get stuff done. I just didn’t know how to put it in words. Now I’m able to illustrate it in a blog post. I’m more than priviledged to call my future self my best friend! This is the feller to please, as mentioned in the Guy in the Glass.

Every now and then I tend to forget what the theme of this blog is. It’s to unfold the authentic self within. Procrastination is just a product from the world without. I’ve been dwelling in that place for a little too long last week. Now I’m right back in the world within, we’re I can talk to my future self. He’s rooting for me!

Week 7 blog coming at you in
48 hours!

Here’s to your future self!


7 thoughts on “Week 6 – My Future Self Is a Stranger?!

  1. Hello Mohammed, I see you put the timeline for the next post. I think it’s very common to procrastinate. You have a very excellent explanation of the entire process. You do excellent work and always pleasure reading your posts.

  2. Well done, Mohammed. I loved what you said about Procrastination is a product of the world without. Never thought about it this way, and now it makes perfect sense! Thanks! Also what I feel is important the matra — I am where I am and thats ok. Sometimes we might not be totally on track with everything we wanted to do. But hey, thats ok. Just get back on track, and move on instead of being stuck and negative about your delay. Your energy is much better spend on moving forward from where you are then to regret why you are not already further down the line. So thanks again and keep moving forward!

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