Week 9 – Finky and the Brain

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the Netherlands, but I do give thanks. Below is something I’m very thankful for.

The Science behind the world within

Most people believe the big lie about the brain. It’s that “people are either left brain or right brain thinkers”. In other words, if you’re all about facts and numbers, you’re a left brain thinker, and if you’re all about concepts and feelings, you’re a right brain thinker. Science has proved that we are not merely left brained or merely right brained. If that was the case, then we wouldn’t be able to function.

Why is this important? Because if we don’t base all our life’s strategies on the truth, then they’re doomed to fail. In influencing the subconscious mind to make us do daily habits conducive to our success, we must learn exactly how the brain works.

Haanel stated in the Master Key Systempart 6 – passage 7:
“We are accustomed to examining the mechanism of the implements which we use for tilling the soil, and we try to get an understanding of the mechanism of the automobile which we drive, but most of us are content to remain in absolute ignorance of the greatest piece of mechanism which as ever come into existence, the brain of man.”

In comes Gerald R. Fink’s study of the two hemispheres of the brain. This shifted the world’s conventional views about the workings of the brain. For a lot of us, this study assisted in developing confidence in our ability to exert faith around the daily MKMMA exercises. What’s started from intuition, is being supported by concrete evidence.

It proved that the left brain (all about information) and right brain (all about concepts) need to work together. If you only operate on information, and don’t have the ability to form a picture out of the information, then you’re a sitting duck. Also, if you only have a vision, but don’t know how to put that vision into practice, then you’re only daydreaming.

To get the two hemispheres to work together, we have the corpus callosum. It can be seen as a bridge between the two. You want to drive a car? Then that impulse goes from right brain to left brain and manifests itself into a plan of action to get a driver’s license. Then it travels back into the right brain and there you’re thinking about what color car you want. Now goes back to the left side to think of methods to obtain that car. This goes on until the initial thought impulse is materialized to its physical equivalent.

Very exciting!

Corpus Callosum

Some people prefer the information first, other people prefer the concepts first. What’s your preference?

Many of us have our Definite Major Purpose written down, illustrated in pictures, recorded in words, affirmed in readings, and more. To know that our faith is backed by hard science is something I’m truly thankful for.


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