Week 10 – Go for it!

“I will persist until I succeed!” (Og Mandino – Greatest Salesman in the World).
One of my favorite sentences to go along these two:
– “Great habits are the key to all succes.”
– “I will greet this day with love in my heart.”

It’s funny how you can affirm how your day is going to be with just one sentence. But we’ve learned something very important on this subject. It’s true that we can speak life or death with our words, but there’s a twist. If we think and speak positive things for just 10 minutes, we won’t get anywhere. We have to do it the majority of the time. We can’t be positive for 10 minutes and expect to be that way for the remainder of the day. It takes more. We have to persist.

Charles Haanel explained that man should learn how to put causes into play. Everybody knows that thoughts are causes and conditions are effects. Few weeks ago I shared a SMART goal. Looking at my own progress, I’m down another few kg because I caused (healthy meals/exercise) it (better shape) to happen. Just under 8 kg to go. 7 weeks left. It’s been years since I’ve seen my abs again.

There are many things that factor in the outcome of your desires. What’s written in Scroll III of the Greatest Salesman is a part that consists of a greater whole. In our adventure, we are all shaping that great whole. The Law of Growth aids us as we grow into our higher selves. Self-directed human beings powerful enough to manifest desired conditions effortlessly. All we have to think about is the cause.

It’s simple, but that doesn’t make it easy, since these two words have nothing to do with each other. We have to cause. Thinking about causing something to happen for yourself? Go for it!



4 thoughts on “Week 10 – Go for it!

  1. Mohammed you know when you see the little movie trailer before the movie is released to the theater we wait for the day when we can go to buy the ticket , maybe the popcorn and the big soda for the value price. Well honestly I was waiting for your posting like for the movie in the theater. You have always very interesting and dip thinking thoughts. I like your posts. I am happy for you that you are on the track of loosing weight as you planned. Do not loose to much. This ticket was worth it to pay. Great post.

  2. Fabulous Mohammed. I love your thought process and insights. And congratulations on your fitness and weight goals. You are inspirational. Improving my fitness less back to where it was a couple of years ago is something I have been thinking about too. Thank you.

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