About Mohammed Al Rubaiy

A person who recognizes opportunity and capitalizes on it. Born in Baghdad, Iraq and moved to the Netherlands at 7 years old, I was raised in a bi-cultural manner. On one hand you have the strict, disciplined, religious and sometimes restricted way of going through life (the Arabic influence); on the other you have the more loose, “live and let live”, exploring way of living (the Dutch influence). Both have helped me grow tremendously along the way.

Growing up I juggled multiple jobs ranging from doing newspaper rounds, to working at a hotel to selling digital TV through the phone. After completing what we call “school for higher general secondary education” in Holland (equivalent of high school), I entered Law School in Groningen in 2008.

Three years have passed and I discovered the home based business industry. It didn’t take long before I fell madly in love with it!

Lets face it, most people don’t want to work fulltime hours and get paid in a linear – and in almost all cases – static fashion month after month. Instead, network marketing offers it’s field professionals the opportunity to work substantially less and get paid exponentially long term.

Going through multiple adventures, struggles and hardships, I realized that it’s not easy being a young entrepreneur if you’re not being coached by the right people. It took me nearly two years to finally be taken under the wing of a successful person who has the track record of the results that I want to attain. Throughout these two long years I’ve discovered that all success – whether it be in business, sports, literature entertainment or in any other economic sector people are working in – is all about mindset. The kind of mindset that is conditioned so well, that it perpetually stays on “winning mode”.

We have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind, the latter of which rules over all our decisions and subsequently, our actions. Most successful writers, award winning actors, hall of fame athletes, presidents, army generals and world-renowned businessmen have got their subconscious mind to work WITH them instead of against them.

People underestimated the intensity of such conditioning. I was one of them. As many many people have made this mistake, I too have fallen into the traps of the “self-help” guru’s out there who have offered me the opportunity to condition my mind, so that I could become GREAT; to become the best that I can be. Unfortunately, I did not break through the barrier of greatness, and I was stuck in mediocrity.

One day, by complete accident, I discovered Mark Januszewski’s website WorldsLaziestNetworker.com and I saw the confirmation of my earlier discovery, that our subconscious decides what we do. In Mark’s words: “the subconscious mind makes all the decisions”. I started to read through the material and watch the many videos that were on his site.

I signed up to newsletters for updates and my life shifted shortly thereafter. The shift happened when I learned this; not only does success depend on mindset, it also revolves around skills (in many cases just the basics). It sounds pretty obvious, but on a subconscious level, it does not.

When someone teaches us something new, and that something gets taught to us again for repetition purposes, we’re already used to say: “Oh, I already know that.” And so we neglect or ignore any training on the basics or the fundamentals of what it is we haven’t mastered yet.

The number one thing to do in my industry is to talk to people in a way they completely understand me. A very difficult and overlooked thing to do when it’s not mastered. A wise martial arts grandmaster once said: “I am not afraid of the ten thousand strikes you know that you have practiced once. I am deathly afraid of the one strike you have practiced ten thousand times.” It’s better to master the fundamentals and “sharpen your sword” than to try to learn any advanced stuff you can’t handle.

As I build my business day by day, I’m continuously working on my basic skills: how to communicate with people, how to build relationships, how to transfer information that people want to hear into their subconscious mind so they can make a sound decision for themselves, how to leverage time by working together with business partners, how to render service of higher value than the value of transactions in return, how to be professional, good mannered, etc.

I’ve always been a sound believer in being a student of the game. Even if you’re a master and you have many protégés, you started out as a protégé yourself.

Recently, I’ve been blessed with earning a scholarship for the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course. For six months I’ll be reading books, doing exercises, writing blog posts, participating in weekly conference calls and finishing all kinds of assignments necessary to form good habits and unfold all my potential. We are all born for greatness, by greatness. But in most cases, when we enter the age of 5, that gets beaten out of us by external factors: our parents, school teachers, the government, television programs and the like.

We must remember this: as soon as we see just a glimpse of how great we can become, we get hooked. We instantly want some more, and more, and more, until we reach that greatness. Keep striving for greatness.

Life might give you body blows, haymakers, throw you into the ground, stomp you, pick you up, chew you, spit you out and throw dirt at you, but here’s what life can’t do. Life cannot decide if you get up or not. Only YOU can!

So you have a decision to make. Make that decision, burn the bridges behind you and go through your hurdles and potholes. Go around them, jump over them, figure it out. Get used to getting up after you fall. THAT is a reflection of strength. Conquer your fears and follow your bliss.

Keep shining,

Mohammed Al Rubaiy


9 thoughts on “About Mohammed Al Rubaiy

    • Just uploaded it… Very weird… I’ve written this a week ago and I thought I uploaded it. Turns out I put it on the “About the author” page. The “About” page is a different one. Good thing I still held on to the content. Enjoy.

      • So elegantly articulate and comprehensively revealing ~ I applaud not only your obvious progress on your hero’s journey but your DESIRE for more and better with which to be in service.

  1. Loved your comment .. “We must remember this: as soon as we see just a glimpse of how great we can become, we get hooked.”. Such a powerful truth! Awesome post!

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