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Millionaire Interviewed by Eric Worre in Groningen, Netherlands

Posted: Thursday, August 1st, 2020, 2:30 pm by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Today I have the pleasure of sharing this interview with Mohammed Al Rubaiy. A highly respected, successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and moved with his parents to the Netherlands at age 7 in 1997. After 22 years, he moved to a place he’s been dreaming of ever since 2014. Now a multi-millionaire, Al Rubaiy welcomes fellow entrepreneur and network marketing professional Eric Worre to honor his request for an interview.

Eric Worre

Eric visited his beautiful house at his home town of Groningen city. 

Jan Wolkerslaan 126

I never visited Groningen, but I heard it’s one of the most monumental cities of Europe. It was here that Eric had a conversation with the man who helped over 10,000 people become spiritually and financially free. All thanks to two things:
– teaching people how to create a new reality for themselves by themselves with the application of Charles F. Haanel’s Master Key System (spiritual freeedom); and
– teaching people how to build a self-perpetuating business with the world’s last vessel of free enterprise: network marketing (financial freedom).

In addition to sharing his story, took Eric on a guided tour around the city.

“So, welcome to Groningen”, he said cordially.
“Thank you for your hospitality, Mohammed”, Eric said. “I really feel like I’m at home. This place is incredible! The people in here are some of the nicest I’ve ever met.”
He smiles. “Good to have you with us, Eric. I’m a big fan of NMPRO. It’s always wonderful to have people come over and connect their hearts to this part of the Netherlands. While Amsterdam is the most popular, this city is filled with exciting people from all over the world.”

You can say that again! I’ve been lucky to be in over 240+ countries myself, but I’ve never seen a unique place like this.

Eric: “This house is so beautiful, Mohammed. I can only imagine you throwing all kinds of great parties over here”.

– Mohammed: “Haha. Yeah, every couple of days there’s a special occasion. Me, my friends, relatives, business partners, all of us always come up with great ideas for events.”

Eric: “I’m sure they do!”

Jan Wolkerslaan 126

“Before we get into it, I want to ask you this. What’s your favorite hobby?”

– Mohammed: “I play a lot of basketball. I love it.”

Eric: “Yeah, I’ve heard you’re really good at basketball. Unfortunately in Holland it’s all about soccer isn’t it?”

– Mohammed: “Pretty much. All soccer. I have nothing against it… I hear everyone talk about Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona. That and the climate are probably the only reasons why I travel to different places. Funny thing is, it’s exactly the opposite over in the U.S. I don’t hear anybody talk about soccer…”

Eric: “True, what with the 4 Major Leagues and all. Okay so let’s talk about why we’re here. As we all know, you’re successful in the home based business industry. But you know, you are considered by many people to be so “outside of the box”, so “different” than others. There are a lot of businessmen who recommend reading self-help books, and listening to guys like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and many other motivational speakers. You’ve said that it’s not worth doing that. Could you elaborate more on this and talk about how this has translated to your success?”

– Mohammed: “With pleasure. Before I explain this in detail, I want to let you know that Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy are great people. This is not necessarily about them. It’s about their message. You know, 99% of the self development “guru’s” out there have these mantras of: “Whatever it is you do, you gotta take massive action. Keep fighting even if you fall. Quitters don’t win at all” and “You gotta have goals and persistence – written down. Read your “why” until you cry”.
While these are great mantras to listen to, they’re not going to bring us any results in our endeavors. They sound great, but they just won’t cut it.

Here’s an analogy.We’re in the middle of the summer. You’re in your room and it’s hot inside. Your windows are wide open and your light – a fluorescent tube – is on. In comes a fly. It circles and roams around your room. All of a sudden it darts itself up to your light. You look up and you see the fly banging itself on the fluorescent tube repeatedly.
– It has a goal, which is to get in touch with the heat;
– it takes massive action, because it’s going at it repeatedly; and
– it has persistence, because even though it gets burned by the white hot light every time it touches the tube, it doesn’t give up.
So it keeps going on and on. What happens?
It falls dead on the floor…”

Eric: “Haha.”

– Mohammed: “..So what does all this mean?
The thing is, if we are doing something that does not work, why are we taking action at all?
We’re taking massive action, with goals and persistence, oblivious to the fact that our actions have zero impact on our progress.
There comes a point in time where we get so physically burned out that we naturally quit.”

The fly had a choice. Either bang yourself against the fluorescent tube to get the maximum amount of heat and die… or fly close to the tube to get the maximum amount and live.”

Eric: “I see. So, what you’re saying is that having a “never quit attitude”, goals and persistence are not the key to succeeding in any field?”.

– Mohammed: “The short answer is no.”.
”I once was a “motivational junkie” myself. While it was great for me to develop a strong mentality, all the motivation in the world couldn’t help me build my business, which I was horrible at back then. The key for doing that was skills. It took me two years to realize I needed to develop the correct skills for me to become successful. And that’s something that I’ve learned from my mentor and friend Mark Januszewski, one of the greatest network marketers I’ve ever seen in my life. It was around mid 2013 when I first plugged in to his information on the internet and got in contact with him. That’s when my whole life changed.”

Eric: “Right. That’s when you first got introduced to this Master Key System and Go90Grow. Talk to us about that.”

– Mohammed: “On September 27th 2013, I earned a scholarship for his Master Key Mastermind Alliance course, that started two days later. I always say it was six months of self-discovery. What I was doing back then was commit at least 1 hour every day for 26 weeks, where I’d be reading the Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. Greatest book I ever read. Widely considered to be the grandfather of the New Thought era, where people actually have a consciousness about the infinite power and potential dwelling within them. I mean let’s be honest. We humans have the power to either build massive cities or destroy them.”

Eric: “True.”

– Mohammed: “There were more daily readings, like chapters from the famous Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill, the Law of Compensation by Ralph Waldo Emerson and our own writing – meaning the MKMMA course participants. We wrote weekly blogs chronicling our experiences and growth. It’s pretty inspiring to read each other’s blog and see the individual progress that we had.

Next to the reading and writing we learned how to relax our body and mind, inhibiting all thought, completely focused on our true purpose in life. We did this by sitting completely still – and I mean still, no movement whatsoever – and then concentrating for a minimum of 15 minutes daily.”

Eric: “Wow, how was that like? I mean what if you were suddenly really itchy?”

– Mohammed: “Haha. You deal with it and you focus. It’s a challenge, but you have to believe in it. So that’s a couple of things with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course. I took the course a second time in 2014 because it was that good.”

I’ll tell you something about the other course: Go90Grow. This is where I’ve learned the skills of network marketing. After two years of hopeless struggle and tens of thousands of dollars in debt, I was finally able to get my business rolling, get out of debt and move to my favorite house.

You see, what I’ve learned is that in whatever it is you do, you need to be one thousand percent sure that you operate knowing the correct knowledge.

Goals and persistence are great things to have, but they won’t get you anywhere if you don’t know what the heck you’re doing. All the information of today’s self-help guru’s, preaching that you need “thick skin” and “a heart of steel”, is based on hope. Hope is great, but it doesn’t build your business, it doesn’t sell your real estate properties, it doesn’t teach you how to present a TV show. You get the idea.

What DOES get you the results you want? Skills. Most importantly, the consistent application of skills. Sounds like common sense, but to most people subconsciously, it just isn’t so common. Otherwise everybody would’ve been rich. That’s why the self-help industry is so huge these days.”

Eric: “Now you and I understand why self-help guru’s are making so much money,but can you tell the folks who are watching this at home why that’s the case?”

– Mohammed: “Well, simply put, Eric, while I do believe there’s a select group of people out there who truly practice what they teach, 99% of self-help guru’s are nothing more than salesmen, capitalizing on people struggles.
I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard, “If you want to learn how to finally crack the code of success, then order now” and then you get a set of books or a CD series pitched at you for $500. Soon as you buy it you get hammered with upsell after upsell. “Secret to this, secret to that”. It’s madness!

Unfortunately, we all want that motivational “fix” every once in a while, because it’s so easy to become depressed and be in a state of low self-esteem when we don’t feed our minds. It gets worse when we fail, because we don’t see the lessons that we learned.”

Eric: “Talk about your journey. What has it been like? What kind of successes have you been able to achieve and how did you do it?

– Mohammed: “Gosh, where do I begin? Well, it all started with me learning how to talk to people’s subconscious mind. I learned how to enroll people into my business effectively and teach this to the people I enroll. Seeing these people get instant results just creates all kinds of positive energy flowing in the team!

The beautiful thing about network marketing is everytime a business partner that enrolls with a company you’re representing, the company pays you a commission. So I got myself to earning checks of $3000 a month quickly. I taught my new business partners hands-on how to do exactly the same and they were able to do so if not better. Many people don’t know how good it feels to have a protégé surpass you in achievement levels.”

Eric: “I know it gives me the chills!”

– Mohammed: “Exacly. Now before I knew it, I became a top earner in my company with monthly checks of multiple six figures a month. The company would pay me and every fellow business partner on the sales volume of new teams being built. Within two years, me and my team managed to build an organization of over 10,000 active distributors for the company I was representing.”

Eric: “Wow, incredible. This must’ve taken a lot of sacrifice.”

– Mohammed: “It did. Most definitely these two courses combined have pushed me to my limit and beyond. At the beginning it felt like torture, but I kept grinding. Before my breakthrough, I was a stay-at-home kind of guy. Never went out. 95% of the time you’d find me in my room behind a computer. I had to let go of all of that. My biggest sacrifice was spending my time indoors and on the internet so I could go out and connect to new people.

At the end it was well worth it! I’ve been blessed to travel the world, going cliff diving, bungee jumping, free falling, surfing, snowboarding. It’s incredible!

Eric: “What are your favorite destinations?”

– Mohammed: “Oh my goodness, so many: the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Grand Canyon, the Coliseum, the Great Wall of China, Dubai, Vegas, LA, Miami, Punta Cana, Cancun, the Bahamas… I mean, just wonderful places all over the globe! I’m experiencing ecstasy every day Eric! You’re probably having the same thing going for yourself.”

Eric: “Yeah, I’m sure you can teach me a thing or two about surfing though.”

– Mohammed: “Haha, trust me, I’m still learning every day myself. You can do it.”

Eric: “So, what’s the next place you’re going to visit?”

– Mohammed: “Next week I’ll be flying over to Baghdad to visit my uncle and have dinner over there. Speaking of, dinner will be ready real soon. I’m sure you’ll love the dolmades.”

The interview took a dinner break. Looking at this has made a little jealous. I love to eat. This fabulous dish looks delicious. I might have to pay Mohammed a visit one of these days.

Arab food

Eric: “So tell me, are there any charity programs you’re active with?”

– Mohammed: “Thanks for bringing that up. As a matter fact, yes. I’m currently helping a few countries build schools providing proper education for underprivileged children, primarily those in Central Africa. We started out with five countries: Niger, Angola, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Congo. Studies have shown that these were the countries with the lowest percentage of children enrolled in primary school. Our plan is to build around the most pivotal places that are in dire need of our help. This project is due May 31st, 2025. Once that’s finished, we continue our efforts to develop these kids into self-directed thinkers.

Eric: “Amazing! Now that’s what I call dedication!

“Are there any specific things you’d like to teach these kids besides obviously elementary school material?”

– Mohammed: “Good question. First and foremost, I want these kids to be self-sufficient at some point during their lives. Our job is to make sure they get the best possible teachers and material during their primary education. Once they go to the higher levels and enter adolescence, they all learn the Master Keys so they can create the lifestyle they desire for themselves and their families as adults. My dream is to have these young men and women become leaders and teach all the principles they’ve learned to their people.”

Eric: “Sounds wonderful. Maybe one day we’ll witness them all being independent and strong like you are, providing for the greater good.”

– Mohammed: “I appreciate that. Right now, I’m experiencing liberty and peace of mind myself. I just want these kids to enjoy that same privilige. I wake up exhilarated every day knowing that I’m contributing to a greater good. It’s a creative way for me to express my gratitude for the network marketing industry and what it gave me.

Most importantly for me is, I genuinely want other people to unlock their own power if you will. It feels great witnessing people following their bliss. The stories I hear in these conversations make my heart float every time.

I also donate to any community of my choosing. I love giving back to hardworking people keeping their neighborhoods peaceful and balanced. Their energy and warmth is most comforting.

I have friends in every continent who would happily share a place to sleep with me, just because I help impact their lives for the better.

At last, my parents live the life of their dreams. I’ll never forget their sacrifice to give up everything they had – jobs, house and family – in the then unstable Iraq just to migrate to the safety of Holland and give their children the future they felt they deserved. Tears of joy pour down my face for all of these blessings.”

Eric: “You’re a good man, Mohammed. Touching story. I’ll tell you what: you certainly have given me a fantastic experience in Groningen.”

Later during the evening, Eric finds out that Mohammed actually speaks five languages fluently: Arabic, English, Dutch, Spanish and French. Naturally, he has lots of international friends. He enjoys basketball competition, whether it’s season games, tournaments or just pick-up games.

Eric: “Mohammed, thank you for sharing your story with us. Best of luck with everything and we’re looking forward to spending some time with each other in the near future.”

– Mohammed: “My pleasure!”

And that’s it for today’s post: interview with Mohammed Al Rubaiy.

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Tom Big Al Schreiter


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  1. Amazing and great flow as you vividly describe your life, Mohammed! Just curious..are you a”red” ? Wishing you The Creators Blessings, Favor, Abundance and more Revelation and growth on your fine journey 🙂

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